Friday, December 18, 2009

White Wagtail

I did not that surprise when it landed on the paddyfield but I quickly acted to it as I saw from far "The black Heart like-shape" on the breast of this bird. I sat down at edge of the field with the camera all the time covering my face. The bird walked toward me and was really happy. Then it flew to the small patch of water by the road side and took bath. Its movement bathing was so fast and I think the camera was hardly to freeze it for better image. My lifer. Happy birding.


  1. Congrats, sifu, I have no luck there for three mornings. Did not call you because I had to leave early, as I went to KK with my family.

  2. No problem Mr. Wong. I saw a few new birds transit at PPG that add to my bird list. Happy birding.