Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kentish Plover

Sorry PALs. It is not Long-billed Plover but Kentish Plover and Thank you very much to Digdeep for comment. I have to see more harder to it next time. Tku again to you Dave. Happy birding.
It was hot day and decided to go back home when I saw this bird. I hardly recognised as it was together with Little Ringed Plovers. I was just almost jumped when I noticed one of them was Long-billed plover ....... its bill longer and body slimmer. Then I took my time and took much care not to disturb it with my much movements that might caused it to fly away....MY LIFER!!!!.....hehehe....Everything then were made slow to snap for its photograph. Happy birding.


  1. Hi Karim

    I have to disagree with you on this one - I think it's a Kentish. They are a very variable species, and this one does have odd leg colour, but Long-billed should have a complete breastband at any age. Check these pics of a juvenile:


  2. Hi Dave,
    Tku for comment and I notice the breastband is in complete.


    Karim Madoya