Saturday, December 12, 2009

Great Bittern

I was going back to the padifield with hope to see again the Dunlin for better picture of it. Upon reaching at the location and saw no sign of small birds at all on the field. But due to desire, I waited for a while. Saw little egrets, wood sandpipers, heron, and common sanpipers. After of about two hours waiting, and found still nothing sighted for Dunlin and decided to go to other places. Drove slowly leaving the place and kept on looking to the field and suddenly long neck rose straight up almost vertically. A bit wondered at first to see a huge Yellow bittern. Got my binocular and aahh new bird and the activity started.....My last lifer probably for this year 2009. Location and date was Penampang padifield on the December 13, 2009. Happy birding.

Chinese Egret



  1. Great Bittern a brilliant record - and the first I know of for many years - outstanding!



  2. Congrats, Sifu, nice Chinese Egret too!