Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Black-bellied Malkoha

My birding birds of the day - Sept.29 2010. Birds seen in the field are Black and White Bulbul, Green Broadbill, Red-billed Malkoha and Maroon-breasted Monarch and Greater Green Leafbird while their sound heard are Red-nape Trogon, Banded Kingfisher and Banded Broadbill and many more that undistinquishable. These bird are already in my list and I found no new birds.

Brown Barbet (Caloramphus fuliginosus)
Crested Serpent Eagle (Spilornis cheela)

Happy birding.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grey-and-buff Woodpecker (Hemicircus concretus)

A small bird flew into dense leaves and just nothing to appeared in the eyes but a little black bird. I knew it was a new bird to me and could not find. My friend Wan Iskhander spotted and was a woodpecker. He could not tell the exact woodpecker. It then flew away. They were in pair. Later the birds came again. We were in a hell rushing to photograph them. I got mostly black and hell blur images on the LCD. Later at home made edition and got it better record image of 315th. out of 600+ birds found in Borneo.

Pintail Snipe (Gallinago stenura)
Regular bird I use to find in the padifield. Found it on my way home.

Happy birding.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yellow Tree Racer Snake.

I start birding again today after leaving the birding places for about a month. I do not see many birds but they just come and go. The place is quiet and only one or two of their sounds heard. Spend much time looking surround the forest area where some are filling back by trees but seen too hills earth moved away. No pictures of birds taken. Only this snake spotted coming down the tree and disappear in the bushes. Later spotted again when it wants to cross the road. It does not manage because I am on the road to take its pictures. It get "angry" and get its head high to look at me as I move nearer to it. I do not know if this snake is venomous. I keep my save distance. A senior birder Denis say that this snake is YELLOW TREE RACER.

The tail has grey color.
Happy birding.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tanimbar Corella

I have not seen yet birders in Sandakan or Kota Kinabalu, Sabah North Borneo have captured this bird in open/wild forest or cultivations. I probably and quess this bird ia an escaped cage bird. I found this tree days ago coming back home after sending my daughter to work early morning. Learn that it is mostly found in Indonesia.

Happy birding and Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslim friends and bloggers.

Friday, September 3, 2010

KOWA - NEW Telephoto lens/Spotting Scope.

Hi! Look here what KOWA COMPANY has producing. Kowa has manufactured a new scope that can be used as DSLR digiscoping and Spotting scope.
I learn from this VIDEO that this scope is made of 1 Flourite Crystal and 2 XD lens . Which is something like two models of Kowa Spotting scopes TSN-880 (made of FLOURITE CRYSTAL) and TSN-770 (made of XD LENS) series combine together and made into one - Tele Photo Lens or the Body of Spotting Scope. Three options of fixed Tele Objective Lens (TOL) 350mm/f4.0 500mm/f5.6 and 850mm/f9.6 are to be chosen from for use DSLR digiscoping. This is the brightest photo attachment compare with previous what Kowa has Photo attachment - PA6 having f/6.8 (the brightest before this) combining to Spotting scope TSN-880 series. The Objective Lens of the Tele Photo Lens is the largest with 89mm size.
While for Sportting scope use, an Eyepiece Adapter is needed and is placed in between Tele Photo Lens and the Eyepiece. The Lens Hood is big, I like it. With it infront of the scope will totally shade away all light other than light coming from subject.

I really am lure to this new innovative lens.

Here is the link:
Camera Mounts available for Nikon, Canon Pentax and Macro.

NO FOR SONY NEX-3 or NEX-5 ha haaa... Hope they will manufacture for sony mirrorless camera!

I gather information that TSN-880 and TSN-770 series's Eyepiece can be use with this Telephoto Lens and so like me I need to buy the Telephoto Lens with Eyepiece Prism Unit (Eyepiece adapter) if I want to the NEW SCOPE as Compact Camera digiscoping.
It has two focus adjustment mechanism and is dust and waterproof construction.
Weight is about 2 kilograms [Either Spotting scope set-up or body with Tele-objective lens].
Tentative price: Price YEN 299,250 JPY = RM 11,064 MYR (Click Here) including tax.