Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Casting non-stop urine?????

Birding is one of very good activities. Giving good exercise to human bodies. When you go for birding, 100% sure that you are breathing clean air. You are giving carbon dioxide to trees and in return you receive oxygen from them. What is a healthy air!! Then, what you see when you are! many beautiful birds, many insects, many mammals.....minute living things and what else..... oohhh...many many many more....beautiful flowers etc. Then incredibly what I saw was an inesct-CICADA-casting water unbelieveable intermittently but non stop from its body. May be this insect is drying itself and die because this insect life is very short. See the movie that I record. Have you seen this before?


  1. interesting. did you read up such behavior, may be trying to chase you away from disturbing him ?

  2. Found the answer why they pee, "cicadas feed on the tree fluids and often urinate 'piss' while doing so. This bug urine is called 'honey dew.' 'honey dew' does not stain, or stink. In fact, it feels like rain drops"

  3. Thanks yen for info. I saw in the middle of air urine drop just like small round objects "glass marble-like"

    Happy birding.