Monday, April 25, 2011

Shooting at RDC

I went to Rainforest Discovery Centre, Sandakan last week attentionally for Ruddy Kingfisher which was seen two days ago before I reached the location. Birding there for two days but no sign of Ruddy Kingfisher seen. Hopefully next time. While came and went from the location, I shot other birds. There were many birds seen but I could digiscoped a few only. I missed Bornean Bristlhead too.
Crested Serpent Eagle

Red-naped Trogon
Scarlet-rumped Trogon
Diard's Trogon
Black-backed Kingfisher
Additional bird to my bird list.
Black Hornbill

Red-bearded bee-eater

Bronze Drongo


  1. wow, some many colourful birds. what a trip.

  2. Nice capture! I was in Sabah few weeks ago, didn't have time for birding, perhaps next year I should stay a few days just for birding.

  3. Thanks Yens

    I hope you had a good time in Sabah, Kah-Wai Lin. When you are here again in Sabah for birding, hope you will enjoy.

    Happy birding