Monday, February 8, 2010

Common Snipe

I add these pictures for further identifiction which I find again this morning and manage to take the video of them as well. I suppose the large white belly right to vent identifies correctly for these birds -- the Common Snipe. . Happy birding.

Snipe is most difficult to identify and people say you have to have it on your hands to get the right identification. I study this bird through book and recalled from what I see in the field. I see the bill considerably long and has a centre broadline on the back/above of this bird. Comment is welcome. Thank you very much to BeN_DuNcAN for informing me that there were these birds in the field. Another lifer for me to a total 3 birds for this year 2010. Happy birding.


  1. Common Snipe. See some on my blog.

  2. Sifu Karim, congrats on new lifer.

  3. Hmm - likely to be Common, but difficult to be sure without a clear view of the scapulars and wing coverts Karim. Try getting some better shots?


  4. Pretty good attempt at taking shot of the Common Snipe..Heat was rising upwards and the distance din't help...It is a Common Snipe as it was Confirm by two other people.. Sifu Andrew and Sifu Jason, i was with them when we 1st spotted it and it raise its wings to stretch exposing the bar lines.