Sunday, September 27, 2009


Long-tailed Parakeet
White-bellied Woodpecker

I was unlucky to shot this bird because the moment I reached the beach, strong wind came and followed by rain. This picture was taken from the boat.
Common Flameback Woodpecker

Asian Dowitcher
Chestnut-backed Scimitar Babbler
I was driving alone  from Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan and stopped to rest for while at Mile 117. While resting I heard this bird, calling, quite a distance from me. I simply imitate by whistling and a moment later it appeared on bamboo tree. I hurriedly rushed to my car and snatched my camera. By the time  I came back it was already on other tree. I kept on whistling it wouldn't go far but never in the open. This much of it clearance I managed. Anyhow I happy with this which is at least better than my first capture. Happy birding.
Lesser cuckooshrike

Abbott's Babbler

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