Monday, February 7, 2011

TEST - Digiscoping System Shake

Here I test my digiscoping system for effectiveness of my shutter release support

Please refer here:

In this picture I even try to use the Tripod head handle to stop further any shake may occur to the digiscoping system. It helps as well to prevent any shake.
My test result are compare as in the picutre. Picture on the left is better image while on the right slightly blur.
Here can not be seen much which picture is better but the left picture below is for the left picture above which actual picture cropped only.
This woman is rubbing her eyes and want to take her bath. It looks like she is having an eye-sore or sleep very late!!!!
Soooo improve your digiscoping birding system so that no SHAKE and get a good, better, best SHOT!!!!

Happy birding....

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  1. Digiscoping is the process of taking photos with a digital camera, either still or video, through a spotting scope.