Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yellow Tree Racer Snake.

I start birding again today after leaving the birding places for about a month. I do not see many birds but they just come and go. The place is quiet and only one or two of their sounds heard. Spend much time looking surround the forest area where some are filling back by trees but seen too hills earth moved away. No pictures of birds taken. Only this snake spotted coming down the tree and disappear in the bushes. Later spotted again when it wants to cross the road. It does not manage because I am on the road to take its pictures. It get "angry" and get its head high to look at me as I move nearer to it. I do not know if this snake is venomous. I keep my save distance. A senior birder Denis say that this snake is YELLOW TREE RACER.

The tail has grey color.
Happy birding.


  1. This is Gonyosoma oxacephalum. Known as red tailed racer in Peninsular n in Borneo the cloration is different so some may call it with different common names..