Saturday, November 21, 2009

Birding around KBU.

Accompanying Mr. Wong Tsu Shi from Tawau birding around Kota Kinabalu (Penampang, Sugud, Lokawi beach and Likas Lagoon) for two days (Nov.20-21, 2009) . Glad, though we fail to see the birds that he want to find such as Chinese egret, that he has a few bird that he can add to his bird list. Happy birding.
Asian Brown Flycatcher

Greater Green Leafbird ( male bird)

Diard's Trogon (female)

Striated Grass bird

This morning I go to Penampang (after Mr. Wong already gone back to Tawau) as usual to check if any new birds that could be spotted. I spot this bird. I hope that it is not the bird that Mr. Wong wish to find because he also said that he is looking for snipe as well.
Swinhoe's Snipe
I study identifying this bird and please comment if I am wrong. Thank you.


  1. Terima Kasih, Sifu Karim for taking the time to bird with me. I have recorded 11 lifers in the stretch of 12 hours. Will take a closer look of your snipe later.